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Refill bags

Refill bags

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Never compromise on your culinary masterpieces by running low on our signature seasoning. Introducing the Handcrafted Westman Islands Gourmet Flake Salt Refill Bag — specifically crafted to replenish your elegant glass jar with the pure Icelandic essence and handcrafted quality you adore.

Key Features:

  • 120 grams of our handcrafted gourmet flake salt
  • Eco-friendly, resealable bag ensures freshness upon every use
  • Directly harvested from the pristine Icelandic waters
  • Supports sustainable consumption and reduces environmental waste
  • Designed explicitly for replenishing your elegant glass jar or for direct use

Stay true to sustainable gourmet practices with our Handcrafted Westman Islands Gourmet Flake Salt Refill Bag. While this refill solution is tailored for the jar, its versatility also allows direct use, offering the clean, briny flavor and crisp texture that our brand has come to embody.

Whether refilling your cherished jar or drawing directly from the bag, continue to let the unparalleled flavors of Iceland and the Westman Islands be the star in your dishes

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